The land was marvelous as you strode through the seemingly untouched fields, meticoulously carved hills and valleys spread forth before you. It seemed almost too natural, although the further you went the more... toned down the colors seemed to grow. even the earth itself seemed to have a silvery sheen to it.
All this oddness seemed to grow as you approached a deep canyon, the earth near the end of it was a odd silver-gray color. There were paw-prints on the ground, but they lead straight into the side of the canyon wall.
"Leave while you can."
the voice seemed to come from out of thin air, but soon enough the originator appeared. She was white as a ghost, strange trails of energy wafting from her shoulders and in the wake of her paws. Her white eyes shone brilliantly as she half-circled you, before hissing and walking through the silvery wall of the canyon, vanishing in an instant. Leaving you alone again.
It's not that she was particularly mischevious or anything, she just enjoyed peace and quite- well... maybe she did enjoy playing up her ghostly appearance.

Name: Elyme
Gender: Female
Birth Pack: Unknown/Wild
Path: Kalichos
Azama Spirits are from: Battleprides

Notes: No one can really say where it is that this female Azama came from, because it's a place in the Azama Homeland that's simply impossible to find. A forever-moving enchantment conceals the spiritual like realms known as the 'Spirit Dwelling'. It's said that Azamas born within the enclosure of such a place are permanently marked by the blessing or curse of the Spirits. She was born in one of these areas, her physical form depicting it with a ghostly appearance. Her fur is pale, her eyes are white, and the leaves in her fur are silver instead of green. She also has the smoke-like plumes of energy upon her shoulders, and following after her forepaws. This energy is always cold to the touch, permamently etched with an otherworldy chill.

She cannot be wounded physically, as her form sees to shift from being corporeal to incorporeal when she's attacked. She has no control over this, and sometimes during the nights she finds her form shifting between the physical world and the ghostly plane. Spirits are always visible to her, and she can always see the Auras of others. Illusions have no effect on her, as she can see through them clearly. Like all Azama Spirits she is fully terrakinetic, even able to call forth 'ents' from nearby trees to aid in her times of need, or devour the energies of Tree Spirits to replace the energy she herself might've lost.

As a descendant of the Spirit Dwelling she is already upon the Kalichos Path. Being on this Path means that her terrakinetic abilities are altered from a normal Azama's in that when she changes the world around her, the terrain she touches gains a silver-tint to it, and the matter she alters can be rendered incorporeal. She can, for instance, turn the ground beneath an opponent intangible and send them falling into the earth itself. She is also immune to the damaging effects of Spirit/Korathu Essence.

Slayer Information

Class; Healer (http://battleprides.net/Slayers/Healer.html)
Rank; Level 1

Wound Veil
Instantly heals over any flesh-wounds. If used when a wound is first gained, it can stop a wound from turning mortal.

Energy Recall
Next time a Healer uses a Quick Heal, it's energy level is restored to full capacity.

Stasis Meld
Surrounds any downed and/or severely wounded allies in a stasis field of white energies which protects them from further harm, and stops their current injuries from worsening. One should note than when a Stasis Meld is in effect, the ally cannot attack.

Healing Web
Allows for the Healer to instantly heal up to four adjacent allies, provided they are not suffering from mortal wounds.

Poison Refusal
Removes the effects of poisons and toxins on nearby allies. Cure only lasts for up to four hours, and then symptoms of the poison/toxins will come back.