Agenloss Blindloch

Name: Augenloss Blindloch
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Hive: Wild
Type: Hybrid - Graeph/Zethn Dragon (Stonesage)
From: Battleprides

She is a hybrid of a Graeph and a Stonesage, her Mother having been a Graeph Horrorling while her Father was a Zethn Dragon of the Stonesage breed. Usually Graeph Hybrids are born feral, with the intent of their Horrorling Mothers to be used as feral guards of the Hive Territory. But on the rare occasion, they can be born sentient. In this case they are only kept in the Hive until they've moved beyond infancy, and then left for dead in the unprotected worlds beyond the Hive.

She is no different. Born a Sentient Hybrid, she was left wounded in an area full of raging beasts and natural threats. But she was a survivor, and was able to reach adulthood in the wilds of the Unclaimed Territories. There she learned a very simple thing; in order to survive, one must be willing to kill for it. With her raptor-like claws she was more than adequate at taking down prey, and managed to fight off any would-be attackers.

Now an adult Hybrid, she wanders, still on her own. Her body is made of a thick, leathery black hide that is extremely hard to damage by anything over than Dragon or Graeph claws. She's got a trail of spikes along her upper torso that keep her chest cavity protected, and there are various rocky growths on her body that act as natural armour. Her tail is like that of a Graeph, made entirely of thousands of small black blades that can cut through just about anything.

She has no eyes, instead seeing the world through taste as there's two 'holes' in her skull that allow the passage of air to flow through her mouth at all times. She can see things through the pheromones they unleash.