The clouds swept over head, large black masses threatening to unleash their contents at any moment, thunder occasionally sounding in the distance.
It was beautiful in it's own way, rolling hills broken by a scattering of jagged boulders, a storm looming over head... But it was peaceful and even though the dark clouds made the plants seem rather gray and dull, one could only guess what it would be like if the storm were to clear.
"Are you alone out here?"
the voice came out of nowhere, although the source was easy to locate, a black raveen standing a mere foot or so from you, it's chest was a mass of scars and strange blue scales and spines covered parts of it's body... They almost seemed like they shouldn't belong to it, it had probably come from behind one of the rocks that were strewn about... What it said sounded almost like a threat, but after you nodded it smiled slightly, and not in a too menacingly way.
"You should take care not to get caught in the storm out here, it seems like a large one..."
Well, it didn't sound too mean... You nod at the comment about the storm, hesitating slighty you ask it what it's name is...
"Hmm? Not that it matters I suppose... it's Valrauun"
it says then sniffs at the air... just as a raindrop falls down and lands squarely on his nose, causing him snort, then sneeze to remove the water that had so unceremoniously deposited its self in his nostril... A moment later it was hard to see through the rain...
"Ack! Good luck getting back!" he said then laughed loudly, vanishing with a sudden flash, a mass of lightning taking his place then darting away, leaving you alone in the rain, It sounded like he said something else before the flash but it was drowned out by a loud clap of thunder... After awhile you decide to just head Back

Name: Valrauun
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild/Unknown
Element: Electricity
Home: Battle prides
Notes: Immune to fire both ability-created and power-created.


Eternal Sky: Instantly summons forth a deadly storm of electricity, capable of both killing and paralyzing enemies.
Electricity's Messenger: Allows the user to turn in to electricity. In this form the user cannot take damage, but the form can only be kept for up to ten minutes.