You had been warned to proceed at your own risk, but what out here could be worse than what you had seen elsewhere in this strange realm and nothing had hurt you thus far...
Ok, maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to think you realize as something clips your arm with cold metallic claws, leaving shallow but stinging claw marks that easily penetrated your clothing (and a bit of flesh).
"If it comes, it will leave... Faster"
You turn to see a scarred and violent looking (to say the least) Raveen resting upon a twisted tree that was about eye level to you, a metal arm had been used to replace the arm on it's front left side, small droplets of blood came off the claws, The blood seemed rather fresh and was... Yours.
It waited for you to start running, then jumped down from it's resting spot and began to chase you.. Letting you get aways away before jumping.
"Too slow human." was the last thing you heard before everything went black.
When you awoke it seemed you had been moved to someplace much different (and less dangerous) than you had been just moments ago, it seems something was watching out for you, or you had just been revived.

Name: Rouushi
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Element: Death
Raveen kats are from: Battleprides

His Abilities;
Drain: Drains the life energy of those the user comes in to direct contact with. If contact remains long enough, a target can be killed or thrown in to a permanent coma.

Death Wave: Wave-Ability. Sends a wave of grey mist towards the target(s). Paralyzes anything it touches. Can kill smaller creatures, like infant cubs and wildlife.

Sudden Death: Instant-Kill Variant. Can be used to stop anything - abilities, life, blood flor, or even time for a limited amount of time. It is considered an ultimate ability as it can be both defensive and offensive depending on the user's intent.