Name: Eijuu
Gender: Male
Parentage: Wild
Element: Life
Home: Battle prides
Notes: He has perfect nightvision, and if wounded he heals instantly (flesh-wounds only). As a Life Kat he is able to control his own internal energies to heal himself, so even if he received a more severe wound he could force it to heal in a matter of minutes. This would tire him out, but not to a noticeable extent unless the wound had been a mortal one. He can teleport at will thanks to the gem he wears on his forehead; the only limitation is that he has to be able to see the area he's teleporting to.

He's got a bit of mutation trait in the form of his mane; it's actually slightly transparent in nature. This is a trait that so far, only he has.

Upon his right paw he has a variation of a Raveler Weapon. This is a type of weapon usually only used by Sweepers, so it's likely someone in his bloodline had been a Sweeper and given this weapon to him. The thick rope the weapon is attached to is bonded to his mindwaves, so he can direct it - length it, shorten it - to his will and strike at opponents either close by or far away. Once hit by the yellow-energy dagger tip the opponent would instantly have their energies disabled, and sucked dry. It would cause them to collapse from forced-exhaustion, and disable any natural healing powers they might have. The effects of such a hit can last anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on this Life Kat's intentions.

Though the Element is generally easy-going and well mannered, Life Kats aren't goody-good Healer types always. They just have a greater respect for the mortality that is life, and a better understanding of what that entitles.

He's able to, when concentrating a great deal, transfer his own energy to a wounded individual (anything but mortal wounds) and force-heal their injuries. This isn't like healing his own injuries, so after it's done he'll suffer a noticeable drain of his own energies and probably won't be able to stay conscious afterwards.