Name: Zunou
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild/Unknown
Element: Mind
Pride:Pride of the Spectral Ore
RaveenKats are from: Battleprides

Notes: She can Mage-read, and if wounded she heals instantly no matter how severe the damage might be. As a Mind Kat she is fully capable of altering the mental states of others; anywhere to changing a memory, to completely removing it, or turn enemies/allies into allies/enemies. Mind Kats are able to sense the alterations of another's mind state, able to sense when someone has already altered the memories of another or hypnotized them in the past. Some Mind Kats can heal the damage done to the mental state, but generally it's a time consuming process that can only be done correctly if the Mind Kat is familiar enough with the damage done to correct it. She is able to teleport at will, and has perfect nightvision. She is fully telekinetic.

Mind Kats excel at increasing their mental capacities for powers. It's a trait that allows for them to steal the powers of others and take them on as their own. The only way for a Mind Kat to gain the abilities/powers of another Kat (or other creature) are to kill it via an instant-kill like power they have. Once the target has been killed, the lifeforce is filtered through and the powers are stolen (if the target is revive they'd still have their powers, so it's like the Mind Kat is making a 'copy' of the powers for itself). It can be a somewhat tedious task, however, as some individuals are immune to instant-kills so it can be harder - if not impossible - to procur certain powers.

The armour she's wearing has upon it extremely sharp spikes, but that's not it's only power. It's a metal unique to Mind Kats, in that it works to cause instant-kills to jump into immediate effect if the armour is ever forcefully removed from the wearer (killing the would-be attacker, even if they were immune to instant kills). It also increases the mental prowess of the Mind Kat that wears it, and acts as a symbol of the Mind Kat's power/status.

At the moment, she has only gained the power of Electrokinesis and Pyromancy through her power-stealing. She can continously add to her stash of powers/abilities. The only thing is, one must be sure the target isn't immune to instant-kills.