Name: Kazasuu
Gender: Male
Parentage: Medb x Rouushi
Birth Pride: n/a
Birth Coven: Nocturne Sanctum
Element: Mix - Shadow/Vampire/Death
RaveenKats are from: Battleprides

Notes : He is able to teleport at will, turning his form into scattering shadows and reforming elsewhere. As he has Vampire genes in his blood he does require the blood of others to survive; and he has a set of bloodfangs. He was born with no eyes, which is entirely to blame on his Elemental Manifestation, but he can sense the blood of others and 'sees' through the shadows and darkness in the area (the only areas he's really blind in are in areas that are brightly lit).

He was born under the Eclipse, and is thus a Whisper of Rekura. His Elemental Manifestation shows up with his form being made of unstable shadows that are constantly fluctuating. He has no solid flesh-form, so he can't be wounded physically. His ears and fangs are the only parts of him that are always corporeal, as both are made of solidified blood. He can move quickly between shadows, and in complete darkness his form can't be seen at all.

But like all WoRs born under the last Eclipse, his mutation comes with a weakness. As he made of shadows his form can be destroyed by the light of flames, or the strike of bright light. When that happens his form will literally tear itself apart completely, and be reduced to nothing but a splatter of blood on the floor. The only way to revive him from this stage is to have complete darkness reintroduced to his remains (night fall or unnatural darkness), or a powerful revival spell.

Growth notes: His memories of the past are still just as shrouded in shadows as his own form is. The time he had lost as a cub is still lost to him, nothing more than faint glimpses that may stir in the back of his mind but fade just as quickly. With adulthood there was no light shined down on the questions of the past, and no sudden understanding of how to overcome Kazasuu's problematic mutation. Like all of his Eclipse Year, his mutation is still just as much a curse to him as it is to anyone else.

He still suffers from the same weakness against light, and fire. His form is still unstable, constantly fluctuating, shadows; but now the shadows that leak away from his body are larger, more prominent, and sometimes the shadows shed off his body in such a large degree that his body is left to grow weaker, fainter, until all the shadows break away from him and he's left as nothing more than an incorporeal flat shadow against the ground -- unable to move or cause damage until darkness regrows his form.

IriKan Info:
Type: Vile
Appearance: (locked)
Powers: (locked)