Name: Khuuzir
Gender: Male
Parentage: Zunou x Kenuu
Element: Mind
Mate: none
Birth Pride:Pride of the Spectral Ore
RaveenKats are from: Battleprides

Powers: Mage-reading, Instant Healing (flesh-wounds only), Mind Alteration/Manipulation, Teleportation, Infinite Telekinesis, Instant-Kill Ability/Power Steal.

Notes: Like all Mind Kats he wears the blue armour unique to his Element. It's infused with energies of the spectral ore that increase the power reserves of it's wearer, as well as provided defensive uses. If the armour is ever removed from the wearer (by force, or against the Raveen's will) it will cause instant death to the one trying to remove the armour, regardless of whether they're immune to instant-kills or not.