Name: Asheara
Gender: Female
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Element: Hell

Notes: Covered in two rows of bloody spikes on her shoulder/neck area, and with a single bloody spike on her tail tip. The blood is proof enough that she knows how to make use of these natural defenses. She has vampiric fangs, but does not need to drink blood. She has perfect nightvision, and is able to alter the emotions of others around her when she wishes to; causing their emotions to dip into dangerous, bloodthirsty, or jealous, territory whenever she desires it.


Hell's Reign: Causes the sky to turn black and 'fall' upon the ground, crushing everything nonliving and in it's way and temporarily paralyzing anything living.

Hell's Fist: A crushing wave of black destruction followed by poisonous spikes. This ability is much faster then the eye can see, meaning the target won't see the wave until it's too late.