Name: Jih-kree
Gender: Male
Parentage: Jarrah x Shenmuue
Birth Pride: Eternal Harmony
Element: Nature/Season/Tree/Life Mix
World: Reavia'et

Hive-Specific Powers : Stabilized Mutation, Immunity to damage from other Reavia'et WoR's mutations, Immunity to climate, Immunity to mind control/thralls/manipulations. Hive Mind (telepathic link to all other WoRs from Reavia'et), Shared Memories/Knowledge, Hive Mind works to share pain/knowledge of injuries among the Hive Mind so that those linked with it are always aware of the conditions of other Hive members. Can communicate with and find members of the Hive at all times. Immunity to soul-ripping/instant-kill abilities/powers. If parasite is harmed, the pain is both blinding and paralyzing for the WoR.

Powers : Soul-reading, Terramancy, Life-Stealing Bite, Ice Control/Manipulation, Decaying Touch (touch can cause plantlife to decay, life energies to fade).

Notes : A part of the group that was indoctrined into the Hive Mind, Jih-kree has only ever known the Hive Mind and being part of it. To him there is no understanding of individuality, because it was always the Hive and shared experiences, and a plethora of voices that mingled together to be something greater than a single voice could be. The hive always shared experiences and knowledge freely, so once one 'detachment' of the hive learned something, they all knew it. Learning was lightning-fast, and everyone had a place and purpose within the hive. He like many of his group was used as a hunter to take down the larger prey animals, his Elemental Mutation of being made of impossibly tough bark and ice making him a deadly opponent. He's received some damage from the hunts, like the breaking off of his tail, but this was gained through an accident when a fellow WoR-hive member used their powers and caused the terrain to sudden shift, erupt, and send the entire hunting party momentarily hurtling through the air. His tail was shattered off against some rocks. He did not feel it.
His mutation, naturally, leaves him vulnerable to fire as the ice and tree-bark is weakest against it.

IriKan Info:
Type: Vile
Personification: Locked
Power: Locked